Monday, July 23, 2007

Welcome to the World of Electricity

I hope everyone is excited about adventuring into the “world of electricity”! I have created this blog to enhance student and teacher learning of the Grade 5 Electricity unit. This site contains links to both teacher and student resources. Through this site, teachers will have access to a number of lesson plans, video clips and activities which all relate to the Electricity unit and can be utilized when teaching it to the students. Students can also access this site to enhance their knowledge of everything taught in the unit. They can do this through a number of activity, worksheet and quiz links which are posted for them. This site provides easy access for everyone from both the school and the home. I hope you all find this site to be very useful and exciting when working your way through the Electricity unit!



The following link contains many great clips and videos which relate directly to the Grade 5 Electricity unit. I encourage both teachers and students to watch these all that is offered and learn about electricity in an electrifying way!

Lesson Plans:

The following sites contain great lesson plans related to various topics taught in the Electricity unit! Enjoy!

This is a good lesson to use at the beginning of the unit. The lesson introduces students to a number of electric appliances that they use in their everyday lives. Through this lesson students will be able to recognize the importance of electricity in their daily lives.

- In this lesson, students will be exposed to batteries and bulbs. Students will be able to tell the difference between series and parallel circuits.

- In this lesson, students will be able to identify a battery and how it works, understand the relationship between a battery and electrons, and conduct tests to determine what objects are the best conductors.

– In this lesson, students will be able to:
1. Be able to draw and explain how an electrical circuit works.

2. Be able to define and use vocabulary associated with electricity.
Vocabulary: circuits, electrons, force, conductors, switch, insulation

3. Be able to construct a simple circuit and a parallel circuit.

4. Be able to make an electrical motor work and add a switch to turn
it on and off.

– This is a great basic lesson to use when introducing static electricity to your students.

This is a great lesson to use when introducing isolators and conductors to your students. Included is a short worksheet that students can complete.

Classroom Activity Ideas:

The following sites contain great ideas of activities/lessons that teachers can incorporate into their classroom. Most of the activities can be completed in a single class, however there are a few that may take longer. Take a look at what I have come up with!

- Electricity worksheet

- This site contains 4 different teacher lead activities. These activities are a great way to start off a lesson.

- This site contains a number of kid’s stories that relate to electricity. It also offers comprehension questions that go along with the story.

This site offers a number of different unit projects that teachers could have their students complete throughout the course of the unit.


Electricity Facts and Information:

The following links contain facts and information all related to electricity. These sites are great for students to refer to when studying for quizzes or exams.

- This is a great site containing an electricity glossary that students can refer to.

- This site provides great information related to the main themes and topics taught throughout the Electricity unit.

- All the information on this site is related to working with circuits.

- The information on this site is related to Electricity stations.

Online activities/games:

The following links contain a number of activities and games that students can access. These activities/games will help enhance their knowledge of electricity in an enjoyable way!

- This link provides 3 great activities that students can engage in to increase their electrical knowledge! Each activity offers background knowledge and a short quiz which relates.

- This site offers various links with games all related to electricity.

– This is a great matching game using terms related to electricity.


The following links contain a number of great online quizzes that students can use to challenge their knowledge!